Top 4 Methods To Remove Iron from Well Water

Soil and rocks contain minerals very high in iron. As rain falls on the earth’s land surfaces and the water seeps through iron-bearing soil and rock, iron may be dissolved into the water. We use four water filter methods to remove iron from the well water. These filters technology change your iron water to clean or soft water.

Method 1: water Softener Filter:

The water softener system is mainly used for hard water treatment. Hard water contains high minerals. These high minerals remove to use water softener technology. But water softeners do remove the small size of iron. Unfortunately, water softeners are not a filtration media so iron appears to settle into the tank, and backwash rates are in no way excessive sufficient to purge concentrations of heavy metals. Therefore water softening is not the only solution.

Method 2: Aeration Filter:

The Aeration system removes the dissolved metals of iron from the water. This Aeration system removes iron from the water and adds oxygen to the iron’s antioxidant water.

Method 3: Oxidizing Filter:

Oxidation processes are designed to remove iron and manganese from water. These processes involve the oxidation of the soluble forms of iron and manganese to their insoluble forms and then the removal of the filtrate.

Method 4: Chemical Oxidation Filter:

Add Chlorine to oxidize the iron from the water system. Water filtration treatment is used before chlorine or hydrogen peroxide is removed from the water.

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