Reasons for Yellow Tap Water

Good news for you. We offer a Water Test specially designed to detect your water problem. The report of the water test includes the factors influencing your water and turns as yellow water, such as iron, copper, manganese, zinc, lead, tannins. The report also contains the hardness value of your water, other general and physical characters of your water.

You will get a comprehensive, skilled water quality analysis, that’s additionally, includes health risk analysis, further as customized and unbiased treatment recommendations.

Most of the time, yellow water does not affect your health. It is an amazing fact for all people. When you find changes in your water, you are in need of a water test. The following questions help you to understand your water quality.

  1. What is your water source whether a public water system or private well?
  2. Is your water always yellow or does it return back to normal after a few minutes?

Be ready with the answers of the above questions in mind, we help through our guidelines from your yellow water. 

My Water Is Yellow and I’m using the Public Water System

Maintenance is a must for all water systems; it is better to check-up the water resource twice in a month. Ensure that rust and other unwanted materials have mixed with water at the time of maintenance and repair.

To clear water stagnation, the water suppliers must increase the pressure of the water. It is called flushing. It can make the yellowish and brownish rust in your pipes to loosen. During the time of flushing your water turns into yellow color. This color is temporarily changed and it will clear when the rust gets deposited.


My Water Is Yellow and I Have a Private Well

Small organisms like iron bacteria occur naturally in soil and water. They never cause any diseases but can change your water as tinted water. The reason for the color change is happened due to collaboration of iron and manganese with oxygen by the bacteria in water. Sometimes this water leaves slimy build-up in yellow color.

Due to the fermentation process of nature, tannins are created when water passes through peat soil and rotting plants. They are known mainly for watercolor. Tannins do not involve in health risk, only it can turn your water yellow. Some of the solutions given below for this water coloration. By avoiding this issue you have to treat your water with the following:

  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Anion exchange
  • Chlorination and subsequent filtration

Iron and manganese are the most common factors in groundwater and often occur together. Changes in their levels do not cause any health risks. Both minerals are needed for our health to survive and stay healthy.

Your water comes out from the tap with a yellow tint, mineral contents of Fe and Mn have reacted with organic matter. This process is called colloidal. After this, we face some difficulties to remove, so it should be treated. We have treatment methods such as ion exchange, oxidation, and filtration or settling.


My Water Is Yellow – Always

If you make run your tap water for a while and the color does not clear up, the issue caused by pipeline sediments where the water passes. These interruptions are developed by the dissolved iron content which is naturally occurring sediments in all water systems.


My Water is Yellow – But Returns to Normal After a Few Minutes

Suppose your watercolor does not clear after a few minutes, it is not your water issue and water supplier-related issue, but this belongs to your house plumbing system. Old pipes easily damaged and creating rust, which can leak your water from the pipes.

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