Multiport Valves in chennai

Domestic and Commercial Multiport Valves  Initiative Multi-Port Valves – For a wide range of applications. Multiport valves are used in filters, water softeners, mixed bed exchangers and DM Plants. we are suppliers of multiport valve system.
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We offer a wide range of multiport valves in Chennai for a variety of applications using proven design, excellent materials, and precision assembly methods. We offer a cost-effective and durable multi-port valve in Chennai for softeners and filters.

All of the operations of multiport valves like backwash, rinse and filtration are done manually in these valves. Manual operation is economical; those valves are to be had in size of ¾”, 1”, 1.5” and a 2.5”.

We help you in,

Select the correct size and form of Multiport Valve in your application. (Sizes range from 15 NB to 65 NB and flow rates from 100lph to 80,000lph), choosing correct and most appropriate inlet/outlet directions in MPV for your application, choosing maximum suitable end connection type in MPV on your application, deciding on the correct distribution system for your application, repairs of our as well as competitors MPV, troubleshooting of MPV, training of your employees on MPV
Applications: Filters
Downflow pressure Sand Filters, downflow Multigame Filters, Downflow Activated Carbon filter, Downflow Iron removal filter, Used as 3 way / Diverter valve, suitable for service flow costs up to 80 M3 /hr. and backwash flow rates up to 120 to130 M3 /hr, the option of fully automatic filters, specially programmed to be had for completely computerized Swimming Pool filter application.

Applications: Softeners

Up-flow Softeners, down-flow Softeners, suitable for service flow rates up to 70 M3 /hr. and resin up to 5,000 liters, choice of completely Automatic Softener, choice of completely automatic one operating one standby scheme, Brine tank automation, and special programmer for domestic Bungalow Softeners.

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