Iron in Water

Iron content is important to our earth planet but it most dangerous element in the water. If the water contains 0.3 ppm(parts per million) of iron can damage the staining of fixtures, sinks, pipelines, shower, costly tiles and also most anything else it comes into contact with. Concentrations below 0.3 ppm can have even deeper adverse effects.

What does iron do?

Iron Water affects your clothes, shower, tastes of foods and beverages, pipelines block, tiles stain, and can damage many other problems. “Iron bacteria” is a term used for a group of small organisms that seem to convert iron into ferric as part of their metabolism. These organisms may even attack steel pipes to obtain iron, thus causing a form of corrosion. Iron can affect your health.

How Does Iron Removal Plant Work?

The iron removal plant allows the removal of iron, dirt, and turbidity from the water using a filtration process that passes through a porous medium. Water is carefully treated in these plants to be safe for drinking and other uses. Iron Water Filter uses a 3 Step Process to change Your Water Drinkable and other usages.

3 Step Process :

  • Oxidation process
  • Filtration process
  • Backwash – This is the final process of the iron water filter