Iron Removal Filters in Chennai

There are many contaminants in natural water which are not suitable for drinking. Iron is one of those impurities and it is important to remove it from the water before using it.

We are one of the leading water treatment companies in India and now we have a base in Chennai. Iron removal filters are stable and reliable. An iron remover filter is a primary commercial and distribution product. Due to the wide supply of hard water in homes, this product is popular in the domestic market for efficient efficiency and easy maintenance.  It is also capable of removing magnesium and calcium impurities.

What is Iron Water?

Iron is naturally present in soil, rocks, and sediment. Iron is mixed with water or rain and creates iron water. Iron water is also formed in the well water system that connects your pipe or faucet.


How Does Iron Removal Filter Work?

The iron removal plant allows the removal of iron, dirt, and turbidity from the water using a filtration process that passes through a porous medium. Water is carefully treated in these plants to be safe for drinking and other uses. Iron Water Filter uses a 3 Step Process to change Your Water Drinkable and other usages.



3 Step Process is:
  1. Oxidation process.
  2. Filtration process.
  3. Backwash –  This is the final process of the iron water filter.

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