How to remove Iron from the Drinking Water

The Treatment of water for iron depends on the source and type of iron. If corrosion is the source of iron, raising the pH of the water can be a simple option. Another alternative that may be utilized in different cases is finding a special water supply, along with drilling your well to a different depth. in any other case, water treatment systems can be used, depending on the type of iron.

Dissolved ferrous iron. This water is clear because it comes out of the tap, then it forms reddish-brown precipitates as the water is exposed to oxygen. There are some different treatments for dissolved ferrous iron, inclusive of aeration/filtration, water softening, chemical oxidation, oxidizing filters, catalytic filtration, and phosphate treatment.
Solid ferric iron. The iron-containing suspended solids in this water may also provide the water with a red or yellow color. Treatment methods for ferric iron consist of oxidizing filters (which includes manganese greensand) and chemical oxidation.

Iron bacteria this trouble causes a yellowish slime to occur in restroom tanks or pipes, frequently accompanied by an unpleasant odor. This water can be handled using shock chlorination followed by continuous chlorination. In surprise chlorination, a pretty high stage of chlorine is introduced to the system to kill the existing bacteria.

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